People of science have never stopped their imagination running riot, and that is why they always come up with theories that are very much true but far beyond our understanding. That is why science geeks are too much into science journalism. But science journals can be way too complex for a science lover but a commoner and sometimes they can be misleading as well as they are only based on material evidence that shall not be adequate. So if you are a science geek and loves reading a lot of stories as well, then there are a lot of books that are really great, and you can put that to use. Here is a list of the top 5 books for every science geek on the planet.

Life 3.0:

The term 3.0 must have taken a big hit as you must already be aware of the fact that the story is going to talk about AI, the artificial intelligence that is changing the way the whole world works. The book was written by Max Tegmark. Though the nig is nothing more than fiction as of today, it is based on the events of the past and the future that the world shall eventually march to.


With science and technology growing enormously, the question is always what’s tomorrow, and that is what keeps the world going. This is, in fact, the question that helps the world encounter a lot of new theories and discoveries every single day. That is what Kelly and Zach are here to talk about. They are the authors of the book, and they are trying to make a possible prediction of what the future’s got in store for us.

The Physics of Star Wars:

If you are a lover of science, then it shall always be about the space, and we are sure about that. Space science has always had us bewildered, and that is the major reason why we are finding it hard to fathom the excitement that science lovers have when it comes to managing books on space. Not all of them are good, but Patrick Johnson has seriously managed to give us a great one. That is what you will see in ‘The Physics of Star Wars’, and that is all about space.

Mysteries of the Quantum Universe:

It is comic, but it is about the theories of Quantum Universe and isn’t that one fact more than enough to make it worth a read. It is a story of Bob and his dog they have travelled across the world but they have yet to see something as creepy as the Quantum Universe, and that is what Thibault and Mathieu, the authors of the book, help them discover. 


Universal is a book written by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. The big bang is by far one of the best and the most intriguing theories that we have ever heard of the earth. That is why anything about Big Bang fascinates us, especially a science geek. That is what this book talks about. If Big Bang is the start of the universe, then what happened before that. That is all about the book.


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